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cnc laser cutting machine what is it and how to work?

cnc laser cutting machine what is it and how to work?


What is CNC Laser Cutting machine?

cnc laser cutting machine cnc laser cutting machine

CNC stands for ‘Computer Numerical Control’. That means computer has the ability to change the design patterns into numbers, produced by Computer Aided Design Software (CAD). These converted numbers control the movement of the cutter. In this way, computer controls the cutting and engraving of the objects.

A CNC Laser Cutter allows for extremely precise cutting and engraving of many materials such as wood, foam, concrete, different metals and many others. It contains a sharp and pointed router to produce clean and exact cutting of the material. This sharp cutter can even cut mo.

cnc laser cutting machine

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What Three points when choosing CNC laser cutting machine

CNC laser cutting machine take place of traditional cutting method in industry. What’s the points when choose laser cutting machine?

The quality of CNC laser cutting machine

The quality is one of the most important points when choosing laser cutting machine. If the quality is good, it’s working life is longer than lower quality fiber laser cutting machine.

CNC laser cutting machine should meet your needs.

Different laser cutting machine has it’s different features. We should which one meets our needs.

CNC laser cutting machine in high effective and automatic.

CNC laser cutting machine can make good products for our factory. Make money for us. Fiber laser cutting machine work in high efficiency.

Laser Cutting machine

Why We Need Laser CNC Cutting Machines?

There’s a reason the expression “laser-like” has come to mean anything intense or precise, whether it’s a light or a way of thinking. Lasers are simply straight beams of light, the perfect living example of precision. One laser cutter’s beam can even outperform a quality CNC router when it comes to ultra-fine details.

Laser cutters offer users the ability to cut through almost any material used to manufacture a product. Metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, fabric and more can be cut with precision to the level of micrometers – about 0.000039 inch – which is pretty doggone accurate regardless of what you plan to make.

Laser cutters either melt, burn, vaporize, or blow away with a jet of gas the material being cut. The result is an edge with a first-rate surface finish. Industrial laser cutters are widely used to cut structural and piping materials, as well as flat-sheets. Adjusting the power of the laser will produce a beam that cuts and engraves almost any material to perfection. Forget about any wasted material, you can use it all 100%.

Bottom line: If you do anything that involves precise engraving, exacting detail, or you just want to cut something cleanly and very quickly, a laser cutter is the next machine you’ll need to add to your shop.

cnc laser cutting machine cnc laser cutting machine

How to choose laser cutting machine?

Choosing appropriate laser cutting machine is very important.With the increasingly fierce market competition

and the market demand for grade rising, such as metal laser cutting machine has been widely used. How to choose

the suitable laser cutting machine?

Here, the author try to solve this problem .As far as i am concerned,choose a suitable metal laser cutting machine

generally depends on the production materials.Overall, the need to consider the following issues:

1.Cutting seam thin: laser cutting slot is in general 0.10mm-0.20mm.

2.The smooth cutting surface: laser cutting cutting surface without burrs.

3.The small deformation:laser thin slit, speed, energy concentration, therefore, to be cutting material on the small

amount of heat, caused by the deformation of the material is very small.

4.Suitable for large products processing :Large products mould manufacturing cost is very high .Laser processing

does not need any mould manufacturing .Laser processing completely avoid forming material punching the edge collapse,

can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises and enhance the grade of the product.

5.Very suitable for the development of new products, shorten the development cycle :Once the product drawings can be

formed immediately ,then, laser processing can be done immediately .

6.Save material:Laser processing by computer programming can maximize the utilization rate of materials.

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