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What is acrylic cutting machine?

What is acrylic cutting machine?

acrylic cutting machine

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials (metal and non-metallic), and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. But is also starting to be used by schools, small businesses, and hobbyists. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics. There are Gas Laser, Solid Laser, Dye Laser and Semiconductor Laser used in laser cutting.


L – Light
A – Amplification by
S – Stimulated
E – Emission of
R – Radiation
The acrylic cutting machines adopt by laser tube that we provide are able to cut a wide range of materials:

• Fabrics and textiles, including cotton, jeans, nylon, denim rayon, suede, silk, wool, linen, chiffon, hemp, and for customized garment, such as customized football jerseys, customized soccer jerseys, custom baseball uniforms etc.

• Woven labels
• Embroidery products, such as appliques and badges.
• Leather
• Paper and card
• Wood
• Plastics and acrylic
• Flooring (Linoleum, car mat and carpet tiles)
• Glass, stone and marble (engraving only)
Laser system are ideal for the cutting and engraving. Especially with details, the contactless laser processing is characterized. The unique combination of laser cutter and router on one single machine off you an unprecedented flexibility in the processing of all non-metal materials.

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How acrylic cutting machine work?

acrylic cutting machine is now the most advanced mechanical processing equipment, laser is first used in the field of mechanical processing, brought unprecedented promotion to the development of mechanical processing.

What is the working principle of acrylic cutting machine?

A lot of people to the acrylic cutting machine is not very understanding, most of whom were heard someone mentioned in the peer, but don’t know what was the basic working principle, let us give you a detailed explanation of the;

acrylic cutting machine is mainly composed of two parts, one is the CNC work station, another is the machine tools.We can pass the CNC work station, processing drawings will need input, after the operation, will conduct instructions to the machine tools, machine tools will be according to the instruction work out to sheet metal design.

The core part of the machine tool is one of the laser generator, it is the core of the whole equipment.Why do you say so?Because it is the secret of the cut metal device.It can convert electrical energy into light energy, release the remarkable feats of laser beam, and with a lot of energy, laser beam by irradiation in sheet metal surface, make the light surface quickly reaching high temperature, radiation surface melting and evaporation of components, through the displacement of the cutting head to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving.

Generally there are many kinds of acrylic cutting machine laser, can according to different material to different kinds of acrylic cutting machine.We have in common solid laser material as medium, its representatives have solid YAG acrylic cutting machine.With gas as the medium of laser, its representative has CO2 acrylic cutting machine.Based on optical fiber laser medium, its representatives have optical fiber acrylic cutting machine.The three machining effect and the thickness is different.

Why need acrylic cutting machine?

Why we need acrylic cutting machine?-Laser cutting technologyacrylic cutting machine can cut acrylics, wood and metals except copper, brass and aluminium as these are reflective metals and causes potentially harmful back reflection on the machine. Fibre lasers on the other hand can cut all types of metal including reflective types as the beam produced from a fibre laser is much more readily absorbed. Fibre lasers however cannot cut plastics or wood.

Cutting capability
Most modern laser cutters can achieve precision of 0.1mm and cut at speeds of up to 25m per minute. Due to its precision laser cutting is very useful for any type of cutting that requires intricate detailing and precise dimensions.
Laser cutters will generally cut up to 25 mm thickness in metals and amongst Laser, plasma and oxyfuel cutting, lasers are the most efficient in cutting metals ranging from 0.5mm – 10mm thick. This holds true in terms of speed, quality of cut and power consumption.
Power and Fuel sources
acrylic cutting machine run on electricity which is discharged through a mixture of gases comprising of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium to generate laser beams. Fibre laser on the other hand do not require laser gas to perform cutting and only require electrical power.
Plasma vs Laser Cutting
Laser cutting is generally more precise and accurate than plasma cutting whilst also being faster and providing better quality cuts on thinner metals up to 10 mm thickness.
Both Plasma’s and fibre lasers can cut all types of metal including reflective metals such as aluminium and copper whereas acrylic cutting machine cannot as a major portion of the laser would be reflected back. acrylic cutting machine however, whilst not being able to cut reflective metals can effectively cut woods and acrylics which both fibre lasers and plasmas cannot.
While Laser cutting provides the advantage of using less energy and being more precise than plasma’s when cutting thinner section metals, industrial lasers are generally not as efficient as Plasmas when cutting thicker metal sheets. Laser machines generally only cut up to 25mm thickness whereas Plasma machines will cut up to 80 mm. Also once the metal thickness being cut exceeds 10 mm, plasma machines start to provide a better quality cut and use less power than lasers machines.

acrylic cutting machine

What are the difference between cnc router and laser cutting machin in cutting acrylic?

As we all know, both of cnc router and laser cutting machine are widely used in advertisement,and the important use is cutting acrlicy.

Then what are the difference between them on cutting acrlicy,and how we choose the machine ?

First,the performance is different.Laser cutting machine is non-touch work,it work mainly depends on laser power,do not touch the material surface,and the cutting surface by laser cutting machine is more slippy,but the cutting speed is a little slow.And it can not meet the demands of cutting thick acrylic.

For cnc router machine

CNC router is mechanical working,the CNC machine engrave and cut needs the tools touch the material surface, then to work.So when the configuration of the cnc router is not very advanced,i is easy to appear raised grain on acrylic.But cnc router machine could cut thick arcylic easily,and fast.

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acrylic laser cutting machine

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